King Bearings CR4542XPC pMax Coating Rod Bearings for HONDA K Series Engines


King Bearings CR4542XPC pMax Coated Rod Bearings K Series

*Except K20A3

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HONDA K-Series (except A3),2.0L, 2.3L, 2.4L

King Factory Applied Nano-composite Polymer Coating – With No Added Thickness!

King’s new pMaxKote™ is a nano-composite polymer coating. It is applied over the pMaxBlack™ overlay at the King factory as part of the bearing manufacturing process. It enhances wear resistance without changing the bearing’s original precision wall thickness dimension.

King’s pMaxKote™ is a new approach to coated bearings. It has proven to protect bearings during metal-to-metal contact, as well as from the erosive effects of cavitation. It contains ceramic nano-composite particles that function as a fourth layer that provides superior build protection.

pMaxKote™ enhances the following benefits of King XP race bearings:

• Superior seizure resistance

• Superior cavitation resistance

• Superior wear resistance

• Superior protection against oil starvation

pMaxBlack™ tri-metal structure

Intermediate layer

The intermediate layer of a typical race bearing contains 2-3% tin, with hardness values of 90-95 HV. For a superior pMaxBlack™ intermediate layer, we increased the tin content to 4.5%, making it 22% harder at 115 HV, with a load carrying capacity of 17,000 psi.

pMaxBlack™ Overlay

The overlay of a typical high performance bearing consists of a leaded alloy that contains 2-3% copper. It achieves a hardness level of 11 – 14 HV, and a maximum load capacity of 8,000-8,500 psi.

King’s pMax Black™ overlay is significantly stronger than conventional overlays due to its 5% copper content and an innovative nano-scaled hardening process.


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